Biography :

Alain Corbel was born in Brittany, France, in 1965. He studied at the St. Lukas School of Fine Arts (comic strip department) in Brussels, where he met Eric Lambé. They have worked together since 1990 and produced Mokka and Pelure Amère, two modern comic strip magazines that have influenced many comic strip artists and publishers such as Amok and Fréon.

Between 1996 and 1997 he was art director of the children's section of the Breton weekly newspaper, Nekepell.

He has lived in Lisbon, Portugal, since 1997, where he works as a comic artist, illustrator and storywriter for publishers, magazines and newspapers.

He has always chosen to live in places for their geographic and poetic qualities.

Since 2000, he has been going regularly to Guinea Bissau and São Tomé where he organizes illustration and writing workshops in community-run schools.

Between 2001 and 2004, he traveled around the former Portuguese colonies (Cape Verde Islands, Guinea Bissau, São Tomé and Principe, Angola and Mozambique) with his good friend Pedro Rosa Mendes, a well-known portuguese writer. The project, which was promoted by an NGO, is about the reality of life for many communities and it has been made into a book : Ilhas de fogo.
In 2004, they visited the young country, East Timor, for the same publisher.

He looks on his work as an illustrator as a deep personal trip and approaches each book with a special graphic language. Flexibility and freedom in style and technique are very important for him.

He has 2 children: a fourteen-years old daughter and a baby boy.

In 2002 he was awarded the best Portuguese illustrator for the book Contos de Macau (Tales from Macao) written by Alice Vieira published by Caminho.
Bibliography :

Children books published
in France :

1994 : Pour une poignée de shamallows
Pub. Syros Éditeur. Text : Didier Cohen
1996 : Les yeux de la lune
Pub. Syros Éditeur. Text : Martine Dora

Children books published in Portugal :

1994 : O Pássaro verde
Pub. Caminho. Text : Alice Vieira
1996 : O conto do nadador
Pub. Contexto. Text : Lídia Jorge
1999 : No meio da cidade
Pub. Salão Lisboa. Text : Ana Esteves
2000 : Contos da terra do dragão
Pub. Caminho. Text : Wang Suoying e A. C. Alves
2001 : Gulliver
Pub. Civilização. Text : Luísa Ducla-Soares
2002 : Contos e lendas de Macau
Pub. Caminho. Text : Alice Vieira
2002/2003 : A minha terra, Um oceano de histórias, A montanha
Pub. Área Metropolitana de Lisboa. Text : João
Paulo Cotrim
2003 : A cor instável
Pub. Afrontamento. Text : João Paulo Cotrim
2003 : A cerejeira da lua e outras histórias chinesas
Pub. Edições ASA. Text : António Torrado
2003 : Lendas e contos Judaicos
Pub. Âmbar. Text : José Jorge Letria
2003 : A viagem de Djuku (text)
Pub. Caminho. Illustrations : Éric Lambé
2003 : Travessa do calado
Pub. Novo Embondeiro. Text : João Paulo Cotrim
2004 : O pai natal preguiçoso e a rena Rodolfa
Pub. Caminho. Text : Ana Saldanha
2004 : Todos os rapazes são gatos
Pub. ASA. Text : Álvaro Magalhães

Books :
2002 : Ilhas de fogo
Pub. Caminho. Text : Pedro Roas Mendes
2004 : Madre cacau - Timor
Pub. Caminho. Text : Pedro Rosa Mendes

Comic books :
1996 : Escale à Kerbarbo
Pub. Frémok (France)
1996 : Afastar o medo
Pub. Abraço/Bedeteca de Lisboa
2000 : Yaylalar
Pub. Polvo (Portugal). Frémok (France)
2000 : La fosse
Pub. Fréon (Belgium)
Many short stories published in several European magazines.
Other :

Design :
Logotypes for newspapers (Diário de Notícias, Portugal), magazines (Máxima, Portugal), and city halls (Trégueux, Auch - France), companies and advertising.

Advertising :
Posters for cultural events : Salão Lisboa (comics festival, Lisbon), Festival du livre jeunesse (Auch, Gascogne - France) and several city halls and companies.

Exhibitions :
Since 1990, he has taken part in collective exhibitions in several European countries and has also shown his work in individual exhibitions :
1998 : Mulheres de Lisboa e do Porto, Lisbon (Portugal)
2003 : Prémio Nacional de Iustração, Amadora (Portugal)
2005 : Cantos do Sul, Beja (Portugal)
2005 : Yaylalar, Beja (Portugal)
2005 : Portuguese period, Lisbon (Portugal)

Awards :
2001 : Award of Excellence, Society for News Design (USA)
2002 : Prémio Nacional de Ilustração (best Portuguese illustrator)
2004 : Award of Excellence, Society for News Design (USA)